A poem

Mohammed Junaid Khan
Jan 2 · 2 min read

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Amazon rainforest, the lungs of our planet. It was yesterday’s news that amazon has lost ten more than ten million football fields of forest in a decade. I am sharing the link below for all of you readers to just calculate the kind of damage we’re doing to our planet.

"The Amazon Has Lost More Than Ten Million Football Fields of Forest in a Decade | Science | Smithsonian Magazine"

What exactly are we trying to do to ourselves?

Do we really want our species to extinct? What in the name of development we are doing? Where are we heading? Will these mega cities for which we’re cutting and burning our forests, provide fresh oxygen to breath? Will the agricultural land be able to provide food for us when after losing these forests, all our lands will turn barren as there’ll be no rainfall? Will we produce food in factories for the ever growing population?

All your scientific developments will be thrown right back at your face when Mother Nature will lose her patience.

Stop playing Gods. Only for the greed of a handful of people of this planet, we just can’t let the entire humanity suffer. We need to stop before it’s too late.

You called me the lungs of your planet,
You left me burning, suffocating you hypocrites, dammit,

What have you done are you really aware?
Your planet is doomed. BEWARE!

So many habitats you have destroyed,
You fools you yourselves had your own destruction deployed,

I witnessed the trees and animals dying in smoke,
And I am waiting to see your children losing their breath and choke,
Your science and technological development won't be able to save you,
When the anger of mother nature will run amok,

Your mega cities will turn into ruins,
And every single one from your species will regret her or his wrong doing,

You're burning your future, when you're burning me,
Your sin is unforgivable, what if you can't see,

Your silence now, will keep you silent forever,
You still have time to save me, so raise your voice, its now or never.

    Mohammed Junaid Khan

    Written by

    Author, Diary of a Father

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