Photo by 毛 祥 on Unsplash

It’s kind of a satire on us, the citizens of any country of the world. My apologies to all the species of monkeys in the world for using their name here. I think they’re innocent creatures. And I would like to mention the great RUDYARD KIPLING, the author of THE JUNGLE BOOK and my mentor, the very loving and compassionate Christina Ward 👻 for guiding me here on this platform. This poetry is inspired from King Louis asking for the Red Flower from Mowgli in the Jungle Book.

There was this land where humans and animals were living in peace,
Everything flourished, the forests, the villages and all the cities,

Only humans can rule this land was not a necessity,
You can call that land, the land of actual democracy,

All the offspring of animals, including human would attend the same school,
They would be taught languages, arts and also how to use various tools,

After an election, the monkeys got the majority,
Now they were the rulers of all the forests, the villages and the major cities,

But then the biggest mistake was made,
At school they were taught how fire was made,

Actual use of fire was only understood by humans,
All other animals being scared kept their distance,
Except the monkeys who with the fire, decided to have fun,

They took the fire as a tool to play,
And they burnt down the school right away,

The humans, the other animals tried to protest,
But it was the rule of the monkeys, all their pleas and demonstrations were suppressed,

The art of making fire spread amongst the monkeys like a jungle fire,
And to play and have fun with it, was what every monkey desired,

First, the school, then the forests, villages and cities were burned down to ground,
All other species were rendered powerless and they couldn't make a sound,

It turned into ashes, which was once a flourishing land,
They bought this destruction on themselves, as not electing the monkeys to power was in their own hands.

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