A poem

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She was a poor and a hard working woman,
Though uneducated herself, she was saving money for her son’s education,

Her only aim in life was to make her son a successful man,
For that she would slog, to the limits that she can,

From early morning hours to working late midnight,
She wouldn’t waste a second, her schedule was always tight,

But no matter how busy she used to be,she always made it sure,
That every time he had his food, she would always be there,

She would always serve him with his favourite plate of rice,
She would always want him to have a little more though his need for food sufficed,

The son would miss his mom everyday, without knowing her sacrifice,
And in this misunderstanding, he gave up having rice,

Son got admission in a big institute in the city and her hard work paid off,
She was the most happiest that her son’s life would take off,

In the proper direction that was always her dream,
But her sacrifice created a rift in the son’s mind, so he plotted his own scheme,

His selfish mind always thought that she doesn’t gives him time,
So he made a resolution to not return to his mom, sooner any time,

He got higher education and later a high profile job,
He got settled away in a large city, while in the small town his mother sobbed,

She would call him everyday but he wouldn’t return the call,
She even wrote him a letter to return when the winter falls,

Then one night he had a dream of his mother’s demise,
Without wasting a second, he reached his mother and gave her a surprise,
The mother’s eyes were filled with tears, for not giving him time she apologised,
The son went on to his knees in tears, when the mother said that the only time she got with him when he had his favourite rice.

Its a little inspiration from a YouTube video, I don’t know the writer of the video. But full credit goes to him for the storyline. Mine is just a poetic retelling of the story with changes made from my side. The link of the video is given below.


    Author, Diary of a Father

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