It’s almost 2017 and you need to upgrade skills!

Almost all engineering students have a similar complaint of not finding a job that they want and criticise their alma mater for their unemployability.

The technology is moving so fast that every few months there are different frameworks/programming languages which are implemented and used by product companies, your institute won’t be able to teach you every little thing that happens in companies.

Why is that? Because they are busy completing their syllabus which does not enable them to be fast enough to teach you all the latest technology based details and help you build something. Instead, you will also focus on getting 90% of score in the examination and in the end you are not aware of what’s happening in the industry.

You hear fresh graduates getting placed in dream companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Amazon etc but the number is few. The reality is that you can be there too, all it requires is determination and hard work.

Once, I was also interested in working as a front-end developer but that didn’t happen and I joined as a marketer. But I do read about technologies/programming languages just to keep myself updated on what’s happening in the industry.

I read because I want to keep myself updated but that is not the case with you. You need to read and understand and build something because you want to get a better Job and you also want to work in some cool startups and companies with amazing perks. There is a huge difference. You won’t be able to accomplish things if you don’t work hard on your skills. You will just be another student passing out from just another engineering college.

Nothing is too hard in this era. Internet is your friend. Go browse, learn, practice and build the things you always wanted to build. There are several platforms out there which will help you to do this — freeCodeCamp is one such community platform where you’ll be able to learn all the latest web technologies and practice in languages you want to be good at. DoSelect is another interesting platform where you can practice everything which interests you like API based challenges, Algorithms and even Android. Topcoder is another interesting crowdsourcing developer community wherein you can participate in competitive programming challenges. There are a lot of other platforms to help you enhance your skills, all you need is a determined and focused mind.

This post is inspired by an article “Is Tech Moving Too Fast for You to Keep Up?” from Wired. You can read the original here.