Life itself is a quote ,define it the way you want …!
-De Scientist

As you all know and you are hearing about the start-ups. The place everybody wants to work in, the start-up like InMobi , Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Scrollback , Zomato , Inc42 . So what are these start-ups? Why do you want to work with start-ups instead of MNC’s? and What do you get by working in start-ups , even MNC’s provide with you salaries ..! Right ?
Recently an Indian TV show called TVF Pitchers made a great impact on many employers and as well as students and graduates ” Is desh k graduate jab apni 9 to 5 job se bore hone lagte hein , to bahar nikalne ke teen raaste soojhte hain. ”
1. MBA
2. IAS
3. Start-ups .

A superb TV show, worth watching. I was almost impressed :D ALMOST .
Yeah. There’s a difference between corporate MNC’s and start-ups. The options ,start-up providing for their employers are too too much. You can’t imagine, I meant, you don’t have to imagine. In start-up you are your own boss :D People working in start-up says this , Don’t ask me. The thing you can learn in start-up is too much. If you are a good marketing guy then you will also learn coding if it’s an IT start-up. That’s what start-up is all about. You’ve to do something extra every time, you aren’t suppose to do something you only know and that’s fun and amazing opportunity to be an all rounder. The timings , doesn’t depends , the surrounding is so cool ,you don’t mind working even till 12 at midnight because you are the boss and you love what you are doing .
You get to learn everything ,every single thing you have never learned in MNC’s or while you were a student .

Most people actually know what they’re getting into when they’re inspired enough to build their own business. However, that motivation fades off after a few days , and that’s not a good sign , everyone is trying to do a start-up or at least trying to work for start-up. Start-up is all about idea. You need an idea and abilities to work on your idea. There are people thinking of ideas but aren’t able to work on, after sometime, that idea is implied by other people and that idea works and what you can do is cry because you didn’t put an effort on your idea.

The business model is one of the most important thing in your start-up.
Among 100 start-ups, only few gets it to their level. A level of success. Rest gets laid and those people think of again new ideas. This is what happens. It’s a cycle. Try try until you succeed :D

And yeah if everybody is trying to open their start-up then what’s the point in having MNC’s or other start-ups running? How will they run? Everybody has ability to do something but everyone can’t be an entrepreneur. Everyone can not start a start-up. If everybody does this , then there won’t be any balance . So to maintain the balance , do what you are good at. Yes that’s it , this is your answer about why can’t you start a start-up. :D

” Starting a business is no joke — it’s a lot more than just putting together an app and some marketing here and there. ”

Let’s take an example of Bangalore .
You stand in the middle of road , not the road :p , and look around , in front of you is a hoarding of ” Hey Neighbor ” Ask your neighbourhood and clear your doubts , behind you is ” Help chat ” Help you with anything and right next to you is ” Pepper tap” , an online grocery shop and to the left ” Urban clap ” , get your household things done by calling professional help . Yes , that’s it , Welcome to Namma Bengaluru . A silicon city . A land of start-up .

If you’re continuously finding new ways to innovate and help people; if you have an insatiable hunger to make a real difference and are always on the hunt for creative inspirations; if you’re passionate, confident, and not afraid to experiment and take risks in your career, do get yourself checked.
You don’t need to start a start-up or a new firm and become an entrepreneur , if you are working somewhere with dedication and providing your best of ideas and helping that firm where you work with brilliant work , then that’s it , think it as there’s an entrepreneurial bug in you which cannot be resolved . ;)

Everybody is good at something. Like I’m good at talking and writing boring blog post :D Yes exactly. So don’t wait to be an entrepreneur just because everybody is starting a start-up. Get your things together and seat tight and do what you are good at. :Dlike I’m writing this long boring blog post.

Still want to start a start-up or wishing to be an entrepreneur , after reading this such long boring post? You are such a stubborn boss :D Go ahead and start one and ping me when you are starting one or if you need any ideas . I’m all yours ;)
because I’m jobless .

Best regards

Note : This blog post is independent and have copied few lines from here and there .