Puzzler ( VR Game )

Project Title:

For this project we are required to design a simple mobile game/app, having the user experience in mind. To achieve this goal, we will conduct user testing to get feedback frequently, so that changes are easier to make in early stages of development. It is important to note that we take ergonomics,aural and visual stimuli into account to implement an intuitive and easy to play game.

Puzzler is familiar with Everyone

Puzzler is familiar with Everyone even children could solve it and Everyone will enjoy playing.

Here is a link to a video showing the game in action

Story of the process

The Idea of Puzzler, how it would play, the scripted orb game play, and assets were supplied by Udacity as part of a project with the VR Developer Nano-degree program. It was up to the student to fill in all the other pieces and document the process. To start we developed ball cards of the target audience. This included a short write up on what we thought our candidates for Puzzler would be.


Mohamed El-Naggar , 22 year.
be happy as you can”.
El-Naggar is Student at Faculty of Computers and informatics-Benha University.
He recently has Solid foundation in Algorithms and Data Structures and loves new Technologies like Virtual Reality and internet of Things.
VR experience : Beginner


Next came the design of the level itself. These sketches were only to give us a frame of reference for the idea of Puzzler. Putting to paper what we thought the layout of the dungeon and game play elements made it easier to take as a visualization into the level build out process.

User Testing

No matter how well you can plan, you will never know anything until someone tries it out. That was a consistent theme throughout the build process. Marking a goal to implement some piece then getting it in front of someone as soon as possible to test out helps a lot.

Here are some questions I asked their receptive user responses and what I found needed to be changed.

Testing The UI Elements.
my goal was testing UI elements.
how you feel about UI it shows clear?
The start and restart are good but both is Far by the camera. Near the camera.if you change color You can make it better. changes — transform both canvases away from the camera and make color is perfect
Testing Motion Into The Dungeon
my goal was testing motion into the dungeon.
how do you feel when you move? is it fast or slow?
motion is speed more than what it should be if you can make it more slower it’s fine and position of camera and door I felt I go throw the wall not the door .
changes — slow the motion by .3 and change the position of the door to be in the middle of the front wall
Final Game Mechanics
my goal was testing final game mechanics.
final testing about the game mechanics if it goes well or needs changes? The sound and the movement of the player is very suitable, The start and restart are good. movement camera and lights are very good. I feel it’s a fun game.changes — none

Breakdown of final piece

This section walks you through each area of the game with descriptions of the final piece as well as their development progression.

The user is taken into a dungeon room and the only way out is for them to ‘Solve the Puzzle’. The user is presented with a set of glowing orbs that emit different tones when interacted with. To solve the puzzle the user must mimic a selection sequence on the orbs that is shown to them when they first enter the room.

They have unlimited tries while in the room and may look around to observe some of the ambiance. After the sequence is complete they are taken out the other side of the room and show the ending screen.


In all it was a fun to go through the full process of an application development cycle. You were exposed to the many steps and details that go into a project. Though some novel and some repetitive all are important.

I had lot’s of fun making Puzzler. This Udacity lesson was a real eye opener to the amount of time that can be put into all the details of a piece. I also developed an understanding of where my strengths and weaknesses were as well as what my standards are, which we must all understand nothing can be perfect. Everyone should get into the habit of documenting their work, not only to keep record for others but also to make sure you have the lessons learned for yourself.

Next Steps

For future development, Puzzler will have multi rooms with a different puzzle and for other Headsets beginning with Oculus Rift.

Link to additional work

To check out more of my work, visit my GitHub profile.

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