Mastering JavaScript within eight months from own self

These people who want to learn JavaScript from own self can follow lists of tutorials …

Full Stack JavaScript: 8 months

#1 . Javascript Essentials: — 20 days

#2 .JavaScript Video Tutorial: 20 days

#3 .JavaScript Advanced Tutorials: 20 days

#4.Learn JavaScript / jQuery: 20 days

#5.Jquery Video Tutorial: 20 days

#6.javascript and jquery tutorials — 20 days

#6.JavaScript APP development: 2 months

Learn to code a to-do list app in JavaScript:

Develop a Quiz App with Javascript — Object Oriented Programming

Learn JavaScript By Building A Bookmarker Application:

JavaScript APPS Tutorial Videos:

Learn jQuery : 4 months

#1. JQuery Tutorial:

#2.jQuery tutorial for beginners:

#3. Advanced jQuery Bangla Tutorial

#4. Learn jQuery Free — Ultimate Web Developer Course

#5. Advanced Jquery Image Carousel Slider Tutorial

#6. jquery — advanced

Learn AJAX:

01.AJAX Tutorial

Note: I just collected these tutorials from Online (Youtube,Udemy,TeamTreeHouse,Freecode Bootcamp) because of learning ..

However, These tutorials are not enough to become an expert in JavaScript because JavaScript resources are so big .. It’s just to guide you how to start your JavaScript Journey.. If you see TeamTreeHouse , you can seem everything …

Finally, if I get something new which I can not add right now, I will add next time..

“Happy coding”

Best of lucks .