Headline: District Magistrate finally does his god-damn job in India for once !!!

The act is commendable and worth noting simply because things like this rarely happen in India.

A caste supremacist school principal dismissed a Dalit widow with 4 children from work as a cook in a government sponsored mid-day-meal program 3 years ago. Her 4 children were punished for 3 long years without any income because of this caste supremacist principal. Imagine if the principal is a caste supremacist — what would he teach children about equality of all humans?

But that apart notice the way how the privileged caste news organization reports it.

  1. It makes a hero out of someone simply who did his job — rather failed to monitor his organization (government in general) for 3 long years when this atrocity happened.
  2. It took 3 years and 24 hrs late for the Dalit family — but gets reported as DM acted in 24 hrs. It is 3 years delayed.
  3. The family’s children would have suffered malnutrition, poor schooling for 3 long years just for being born as a Dalit

But this story is not about Dalit discrimination as one would imagine it to be. Instead it is about making a hero of out of a DM who did his god-damn job.

There are thousands of such stories. It makes me sick that only the stories that caste supremacists highlight are not the ones that will show extent of discrimination, but the ones that possibly shows them in good light.

Privilege caste media has following formula

  • Highlight privileged caste’s achievements. Show them as intelligent, opinion makers — even if they have no knowledge or qualification to comment on any of these matters.
  • Highlight Dalits wrong doings. Show them as corrupt, violent, incompetent.
  • Demean Dalit achievements — like Tina Dabi topping UPSC or Tribal Girls winning football tournament
  • Highlight Dalits as misusing affirmative action. Even though there is nothing illegal about it.
  • Hide and cover up caste discrimination stories.
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