Checklist to Choose Your Next Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the heart of your online success and anything can be wrong i.e Your selling product,wrong niche or even a wrong content but your web hosting should not get wrong.

Simply speaking your website should not load your website beyond 3 sec and if it happens you are losing a customer each second.

Even 3 second is considered as something slow in these fast moving world.

So you can ultimately came to know through this article or somewhere else the importance of webhosting and this article purely explains the different standards of webhosting plans offered by multinational brands.

Most of the web hosts offers

-Shared Hosting

-VPS Hosting

-Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

If you are just beginning your online career, I suggest you to go with Shared Hosting. so what exactly shared hosting mean ?

The name itself tell that.

Shared hosting is sharing of resources. For Example, in a server your website will be hosted along with hundreds of other websites.

Many webhost are offering this shared hosting for lower price since it will suitable for most people.

I use FastComet webhosting for hosting my websites and you can check this Fastcomet Review ( to check its uptime, features and support.

VPS Hosting

So you got some attention.

Your website is receiving some moderate traffic and then I advise you to choose VPS Hosting.

Even if your shared hosting is handling traffic now, I suggest you to move VPS.

Why so ?

With increasing traffic , You can’t guarantee that shared hosting will be up all time. with some heavy traffic a day, your site might be down, thus makes a revenue loss.

You can avoid such downtime's with VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

In extreme conditions , your website is at front page of Reddit or getting more up votes in Quora , then Choose dedicated hosting for your site which performs better than vps hosting.


I hope you got some good ideas to choose a right webhosting.

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