I do not watch much, for those who know me, they know. But this. I can watch it over and over again. It was the best film I’ve seen in a long time. In all its delicacies, the movie does not fail to capture the trenchant understanding, the delightful love and the beauty of true happiness.

It was both wonderful and heart wrenching to watch Lou and Will come alive on screen after being obsessed with the book for months and slowly years.

No character could be more apt, no other soundtrack and no other locations. The choice to make some translations from the book to the movie were significant and can be kept aside. But, Yes, you will remember the book with these characters now. Yes, the book cover can be changed. It’s the feeling you will have that you had after seeing Gerry from P.S. I LOVE YOU — “ He was perfect. No other man would ever come close ”. GERARD BUTLER.

Absolutely incredible watch. If you ever find yourself seeing this movie get ready to laugh and cry in equal measures #AndYouWillShedTears

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