Exploring Importance of Motivation in Business

Businesses do not fold up owing to financial constraints or lack of resources but primarily due to demotivated employees so companies nowadays stress on stepping up the motivation level of ­­­­­the employees.

Improves Performance Level

Willingness to do work and the ability to do the work both affect the efficiency of a person. The ability to accomplish a task can be had with the help of training, education and willingness to do a work can be achieved with the help of motivation. As compared to ability, willingness is more important. For instance, a person despite having tremendous capabilities cannot perform if he is not properly motivated.

Willingness is more important in comparison to ability. For example, a person is highly educated and he is recruited on this very basis. But it is not essential that he will do outstanding work.

Helps to Change Negative or Indifferent Attitudes of Employees:

Employees having negative attitude can never bring windfall gains to the company so manager employ various techniques to change this attitude. For instance, if the financial situation of employee is bleak, manager might conceive of giving pay hike to the employee.

Reduction in Employee Turnover:

Employee turnover adversely affects the reputation of an organization. A lot of money and time is wasted in repeatedly recruiting employees and giving them training and education. So it is imperative for firms to keep their employees motivated to bring down the attrition rate.

Helps to Reduce Absenteeism in the Organization

There could be scores of reason for absenteeism like insufficient reward, poor work conditions, no recognition in the organization, poor relations with colleagues and superiors etc. However it has been noticed that companies having motivated employees registers phenomenal success and grow by leaps and bounds- Absenteeism is a rare phenomenon in such organizations.

Reduction in Resistance to Change

It’s essential to keep ourselves abreast of the contemporary trends; however employees lacking motivation fail to adopt themselves with time and resist changes which not only jeopardize their growth but also adversely affect the growth of organization. Motivated employees understand that it becomes essential to bring in some changes because of the demands of time and openheartedly welcome the changes.

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