Maiism : Men between deities and animals.

Where can peace and happiness be found ?? The problem has been so often tackled and solved and again has got clouded and been lost and again tried and tackled anew , during the world’s eternity in the past. The human animal dives and daubs itself in the mud-pond of world, being infatuated with its mirage-ful waters, gets sickened after sometime, thinks of divinity, washes itself under spiritual springs , gets again tempted to the mud pond ; and the alternate stages of divinity and brutality go round , for eternity.

The word “brutal force” is again incomplete and misleading.Bless the day when the so called brutal human world turns to be only a animal world.An animal has only an instinct. It does not go beyond the satisfaction of its little pleasure.A dog eats away your food, a cat sips away your milk, a goat chews away your plant and a donkey spoils your velvet carpet in the compound by rolling thereon. An ass enters any field as its own but leaves the field as soon as its hunger is finished. An animal knows only one thing — the immediate satisfaction of its hunger , though at any cost. But how little are we harassed , though in midst of them? What is their maximum demand, mischief and oppression?? Little or nothing, when compared with human beings.

Men are between deities and animals.They come down from being deity like to be man-like. Their further stage of animal-like-ness is only quite a short passing phase .Just a stage of few moments between one garment of yours and another , when you change them.Man immediately turns to be Satan-like after only counted moments of his animal-like-ness. Where can the whole development of Intellect and Will that he has passed through , when rising from the animal-like-ness go ?? He has receded two steps , only to take a much higher jump .

The satanic man speaks speaks more wisely than deities themselves and acts more brutally than the animals themselves. The greatest master-piece of his intellect, is seen in the creation of perversions and delusions which keep the world in ever lasting enslavement,ignorance and impenetrable darkness.He spreads his thickest veil of blackness and casts his net to catch every fish that he can lay his hold on . He keeps on devising and executing plans and schemes that would keep the world spell bound and infatuated and that would maintain his standing power over one and all, for ever. More than three fourths of this world is ruled by Satan and as such Satan-like souls that look like merciful, straight and well-wishing benevolent deities.

Mother save Her surrendered sons from the clutches of Satanic souls !!

Extract from the book : MAI-ISM


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