Your Best Source for User Feedback

This is one of the best ways to source honest feedback from your users for your product

Crafting a good UX is an iterative process. No product is built in a day. It takes months , or even years to perfect a product that addresses the right needs of users. While designing a product that solves users primary needs (food, shelter, travel and yes, internet), it is an unspoken rule that you work as closely with the users as possible.

The simplest rule in UX is that users are your biggest source of inspiration and information.

User Feedback is as crucial to a product as oxygen is to a fire to keep it burning. With lots of tools to collect it these days, the entire process has become costly, fancy and very much metric oriented. However, there is one source that has been tremendously useful to me in understanding what users think of a product (especially for apps). It’s simple, inexpensive and easily accessible.

The Playstore/(Appstore) page of your App.

When I have to find out major pain points of an app specifically, my first step is to visit the app store page and check out user reviews. Before I jump onto looking at client data, or user metric pie charts, or heat maps, or google analytics dashboard, or excel sheets of scheduled interviews, I go through the playstore reviews to get a honest glimpse into user expectations, both of business and user experience.

The fact the a user has taken some extra effort to visit the playstore to leave a review makes it genuine and worthy of attention.

Most early stage startups ignore by overlooking these reviews as ‘few’ bad or good statements on playstore. But this is your real users speaking about a useful course correction or asking you to stick in the direction you are going. Either way, this is a great validation of your product.

Likewise, you can explore the reviews on social media pages, product catalogues on websites to dig some ‘real’ insight of a service. It might not always work out but in this case, you will know in the first 2 minutes whether to continue reading more reviews or not.

Be careful to align this feedback with the right business and UX goals and constraints of the client/product because they might be telling more than what you need to know. However, this is one of the best places to begin your user research for an already existing product.

A good UX is not built in a day, and you will need all the resources at your disposal to reach there.When you are running on a shoestring budget or a lean product cycle, these exploits will be more than useful.