On Designing “My” First App!
Pavithra Aravindan

Hai. Mam.. Its a Great idea. But are you aware of Google sheets ? ? . Is this is your first app?? I don’t understand why you have used material design for ios.. People who got used to ios will find it difficult to understand the design. it’s not meant for ios. They are familiar with ios user interface design. And they will expect the options such as Navigations are to be placed in the positions they are already familiar with. So FAB doesn’t work well with ios nor does material design. You can take the idea of transition and depth from material and can apply to ios. But the nativeness of ios platform should be maintained. For.. Example zomato had a material designed themed ios app. But later they have chosen not to use it Because of the poor user experience although it was aesthetically beautiful…. People can’t just understand it.

Secondly color theme you have chosen. When we think about spreadsheet, We think paper.. Color palette should go with it. It should start with one strong color and its variations. You can’t have more of them.

Logo..An app is app. Designing app is not like designing a website. You can’t simply place your logo on the top left like in websites.

Iam not a designer but I can say that’s it has lot of scopes of improvement. ☺sorry for the typos and that I’ve directly jumped to negatives..