GPS Vehicle tracking system in Coimbatore

Vehicle tracking system

GPS Vehicle Tracking (Global Positioning System) is an effective way that allows the owner or a third party to track the vehicle’s location. The GPS is a satellite navigation system that constantly monitors the location of the vehicle in terms of latitude, longitude, distance travelled, speed and duration of each stop. Therefore, one can literally find anything in the vehicle localisation

The monitoring systems use a combination of GPS technology, mobile phone network, Internet, digital mapping and control devices with software to enable business owners to monitor the exact location of their vehicles and a complete set of Information that indicates the route used by the vehicle is on / off, the speed and the same fuel consumption.

Vehicle protection

Insurance agencies cost car theft and car owners billions of dollars in damages each year GPS tracking systems are specifically designed to detect and minimise losses due to criminal activity. The system is designed to report events automatically and in real time, for a quick response.

Driver protection

The goal of the GPS control centre is to support customers 24 hours 7 days 24 and 7, responding quickly, responsibly and professionally for normal or emergency situations: kidnapping situations, accident events and more. All operators follow procedures and act in the best interest established and the well-being of each client, while maintaining the right to the client’s privacy.

Allowing mobile phone

The system is synchronised between the hardware, software and the mobile telephone customer to allow the customer to send commands to his vehicle, receives the location and status of the vehicle and receives no notification of the vehicle in a friendly and easy-to-use application.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking System

1. Reduce vehicle operating costs: Vehicle tracking systems can help reduce operating costs by targeting specific and tracking employees who live and generally lose fuel. When these drivers are aware that their driving style is controlled, companies see a dramatic reduction in fuel bills and maintenance.

2. More efficient scheduling of services: using the automatic mileage reminder of a system, it is possible to ensure that maintenance services are only carried out when necessary, but also that essential service intervals are missing, which can help ensure that when the vehicles are sold, they retain their value because they have been repaired in the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, it will be possible to predict when it is likely to be necessary, giving time and the opportunity to plan around such maintenance.

3. Increased staff productivity: Labour productivity can be increased to control your work profiles, while the employee is fully aware that unauthorized trials and disruptions will be easily identified. With a detailed knowledge of which each vehicle at any time is, it becomes possible to become aware of the activities of employees. On the contrary, managers can also identify positive behaviour and reward adequately with schemes to encourage positive behaviour and, in general, increase productivity across the team. GPS systems can also help reduce the amount of paperwork that drivers must fill, which is perceived as a positive benefit to employees, while increasing the accuracy and reliability of their recordings.

Advantages of vehicle tracking systems:

1. Send and assign new jobs to the nearest vehicles

2. Give transparency to where your team is

3. Control and reduce your additional costs

4. Check personal use of vehicles and remove moonlight

5. Improve your route planning

6. Reduce the average speed of your vehicles

7. The lowest insurance premiums

8. Allow employees to take home vehicles at night

9. Tax cuts

Advanced Mapping:

When you know where your vehicles are on the map, you can help them find where they need to be fast and safe for improved service. Advanced mapping capabilities can provide real-time traffic updates so you can find the most efficient route for your drivers. Satellite maps with field views can also help your drivers where they need to be, and familiar mapping tools such as Google Enterprise Edition maps are easy to use and integrate today.

Tracking your trucks can help you effectively control and manage the company’s assets, including Vehicles, employees, products, equipment and more.

Types of GPS tracking device systems:

1) Two wheeler tracking

2) Four wheeler tracking

3) Lorry and Truck tracking

4) Personal tracker

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