REVIEW: The story “Birth” by A.J.Cronin..…

The whole story revolves around the process of giving birth to a baby. “Giving birth to a new life is a pure bliss but at the same time it is the most painful feeling one can ever experience”.

The theme of the story is about a young doctor, Andrew dealing with a critical birth case.It was a turning point of his life. Although he and the mother struggled to give the birth,but the destiny opposed. The baby born lifeless. A sense of defeat and hopelessness came into Andrew. He had promised to save both the lives. He had disappointed everyone. On the other hand the mother was in a desperate condition. She was almost pulseless. He moved all his attention towards the mother. He gave her an injection. He was determined to save both the lives. It was his very first case and he didn’t want to regret it. He tried everything he could do to make the child breathe. He plunged the baby in hot and cold water alternately,but nothing progressed. Andrew was very tired and dizzy,but he didn’t give up. He started to press both his hands on the baby’s chest. But nothing happened.

He was almost hopeless again,but gradually the baby showed some positive signals. A bubble of mucus came out of the nostril making the passage clear. The baby cried with a joyful scream. Everyone’s flickering hopes restored once again. It was like a dream for Andrew. He couldn’t believe that the miracle really happened.

As he was walking on the road,he was blindly thinking about last night. It was his first attempt and he succeeded to save both precious lives. It made him satisfied and he was proud of himself. It was his greatest achievement…..

Reading this story was a very satisfying experience. Conveying emotions through writing is a commendable job. It is one of best stories I have read so far.

The story gives a worthy lesson that no matter how impossible a situation may seem,there is always hope to emerge victorious and prove ourselves,as in case of Andrew. He never gave up when he saw the still born child.

“If you fall down,then get back up and try again. It doesn’t matter if it is the first time or millionth time,you must always get back up again. Regardless of what challenges you are facing,you have to keep pushing forward”.



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