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For many users, preparing an environment in AWS to host their website/system can be tough, especially if they’re new to Cloud and what does actually that means.

Also, after the preparation is done, the creation of resources might take a while too! But, what if you can do the following within 20 min window? Check the list:

  • Create a VPC and all essentials for public and private subnets.
  • Create an EFS and prepare an access point to this storage option.
  • Create a launch template to replicate your configuration into multiple EC2s in different subnets.
  • Prepare your website as Docker image to have consistent replica of your main concern (your website and its DB). …

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AWS recently launched a new feature that lets the customer make an EFS (Elastic File System) that works with Lambda. This is really cool! But, Why EFS?

EFS is a storage unit that lives independently inside a machine. This file can be attached to other services like EC2 and can be accessed from multiple instances at once. Files that are inside this storage unit is accessible from any connected instance or Lambda.

Why do we need something like this to work with Lambda? Extra complicated step?

Actually, this feature is amazing if you looked at it from different angles, let’s start with some of…

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In my last article I have placed a teaser that whether you can trigger Lambda by SMS. Today, We are going to do that! I am really excited to share this with you.

NOTE: This article resources are not fully covered in the free tier. Also, you cannot do it directly as there are some resources you will have to raise a ticket to get and adjust services limitations.

So, I have been waiting for over a month to finish this article and I postponed it because of the workload that we faced with working remotely and waiting to get the ticket resolved by AWS support team. …

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In the last article, we went through the concept of Lambda Triggers and Destinations. You can find this article here. As I promised, this is the second part of that article, we will dive into the technical part of triggering Lambda with SQS, API Gateway and S3 notifications.

At the end of this article, you’ll find a GitHub link that you can clone and run the same processes I will describe in this article. Shall we begin?


As we all know, SQS is a queueing system that AWS offers and it’s highly available and resilient.

How does it work with Lambda? Is it useful? Please check the following draw. …

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AWS Lambda is a great invention that saw the light in 2014. It follows the pattern of event-driven, which means that if an action happens, a response will be processed and presented for the entity that triggered this event, either a person or a machine.
This leads me to the point of this article, triggers, and destinations that AWS Lambda works with. I will make another article to describe the ‘doing’ part for these triggers and destinations. So, shall we begin?


Triggers are the events that trigger Lambda, straight forward description, correct?
But, what are the type of triggers that invoke Lambda? …

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Once upon a time, we use to have lambda functions that deployment packages reach 50mib. It was dark days, when we tend to test locally, zip all dependencies and wait till it become available for test after uploading the files. What makes it worse is when we have bad internet. Fortunately, now we have Layers!!

What is Lambda Layers?

In shot sentence, Lambda Layers is an approach that makes appending extra code to Lambda function easier. It keeps development package smaller and easy to maintain.

Also, this extra code can be shared by different functions. …

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Last week, I got a new task that I need to make thumbnails for images and videos. It is a quit easy task with Python. But as a Solutions Architect, I noticed that calling videos all the time to be shown and no one is taking any extra advantage from the calls makes me worried about the billing (S3 call, Data transfer and other small things). Yes, you can cache links on the browser or with CloudFront, if you’re using one. But these are APIs and it follows Serverless structure. Hmm, another set of scenarios that I can reduce the billing of retrieving these media. One of them is to make shorter version of the uploaded media if its a video! …

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AWS Lambda was launched in November 2014 as a preview and in 9th of April, 2015, the dream comes true. AWS Lambda was generally available for the users.

I’ve been using AWS Lambda for the last 2 years and I’m already in love with it. Yes, it’s not perfect and there are a lot to do in terms of performance. But, It’s already a mammoth that you can invade the web with.

Why do I use it?

Simply, FREEDOM. I’m working right now on few projects that are following the them of Serverless. I love to work without paying attention for Load Balancing or even Auto Scaling. AWS Lambda gives you the ability to focus on your logic and leave the heavy lifting of configuration and maintaining the OS and its dependencies to AWS. …

In 2006, precisely on the 25th of August, was the first launch of EC2 ( Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud). It was one of the days that shifts the ICT field into the bright future.

Right, we all know that Cloud services have changed the business into something much better and much smarter in terms of cost and performance. But, some challenges remained, the only difference was the battleground. It was on premises, where you can grab a chair and link your laptop to one of the racks and start digging into the configuration. …

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I got a few problems before defining the architecture for our company websites. There are a lot of hosting options in the market and each one of them has its own Pros and Cons. Then AWS came and announced that they will open a new region for the Middle East in my country, Kingdom of Bahrain.

AWS as a web hosting service that comes with tons of other features and tools that could turn the game into your side. Also, they have many regions that cover the whole world.

Why AWS?


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