5 Must-Know Rules when hiring a Web Design Agency in the USA

Hiring a digital design agency in New York is a tedious task. My previous career in marketing agencies for small businesses and startups mean that I have an ounce of wisdom to offer. As a naive web developer I tried to fix the issues myself, well that did not turn out that well. I suggest going for a web design agency in New York that deliver results. Many companies will claim to know-it-all, but it is for you to hire them or fire them. Presenting some ground rules which can act a guiding source for you.

Rule 1: Make sure the agency have a full-fleshed web development team: There are tons of web design agencies that can offer you logo, brochure designing or even complete re-branding but what if you only want to work on your front hand of WordPress website? I bet designers will face some serious issues while doing that. So make sure the agency you hire has complete command on website development.

Rule 2: Make sure marketing proceeds Web Design & Development: What good is the product if it does not make it out there in the front? Search Engine Optimization is a highly technical job which needs to proper management. Getting yourself in enlisted in Google Search page is not an easy task, so make sure your web design agency have some good portfolio. Assume your website design have the right aesthetics but no meta tags and title tag. What good will it do to design a website without marketing it?

Rule 3: How will they test your website on different platforms: Is your design agency have the capability to test website on various platforms? Trust me there is nothing more frustrating for a user to experience bugs in your website. Competition is quite high and if your website is not mobile-friendly than it is a good chance that your visitor will divert to your competitor. To prevent this make sure to gather the facts on what platforms your users are on, and make your website compatible to that.

Rule 4: Where customers are speaking about the agency: Stats show that 78% of the customers place an order on a site based random reviews they have read on the websiste. If the agency has a review section, go and see what customers are speaking about them. The term known as Social Proof will inevitably force customers to do the purchase. This is a good chance to make your customers believe in you. If you miss this window, it will be difficult for you to gain their trust again. So make sure your design agency have some good word of mouth on the website. If you do not find it on their page, check their Facebook page for genuine review about the agency.

Rule 5: How good is company’s corporate website: Normally we as customers do not take it seriously, but in research, by MarketLand it was concluded that the 83% of the clients decide to go for a website based on the corporate website of the company. If the company website is good, it means they are serious about their work ethic, if not then you might need to find a different site.

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