Electrifying Life of dot.com superman ‘Jeff Bezos’

Everyone is an Entrepreneur, but not everyone is the same. But of course, unless you have a net worth of $82 Billion and you are Jeff Bezos that is a whole new ball game.

Jeff Bezos passes Buffett to become the 2nd richest man

Success is different for everyone. While some label success as overnight, the real Entrepreneurs will tell you how hard it is to get things done. While there is no one specific guideline to become one of the richest people, Jeff Bezos career has been marked by risk-taking & learning from failure and sheds light on what it takes to be incredibly successful. What started from garage later turned to be a source of his incredible wealth.

The early life

  • Jeff Bezos found his first spike at the age 5 when he first saw Apollo 11 landing he decided to be an Astronaut.
  • Barely above the weight limit, Jeff joined a youth pee wee football team. “I thought he was going to get creamed out there,” Jeff’s Mom said. Learns later than Mike is not his biological father.
  • He spent his childhood summers at his grandparents’ home in Texas, castrating cattle and doing other farm work.
  • In the year 1982 enrolled into Princeton.

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