Influencing Social Media Trends for 2017 — Infographics

2017 is already here and along with other rising trend one thing that is sure to make a leap this year is social media. No one of today’s world is alien to the power of social media that it bestows to individuals and business to market their product offerings and make them viral. Social media has started performing as a game changer for today’s society and has proved its efficacy in building up audience very swiftly times and again for various societal and business issues globally. Social media has not only shown persistent growth but has taken the form of a winning

media for product penetration and publicity. Witnessing the growing popularity of social media, Branex decided to do some research about the latest social media trends and present them in front of you in an intuitive info graph to help business owners take help from them as they device a new social media strategy for this year.

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