Recipe for an Epic Mobile App Design

Google has suggested that an average American user have about 36 mobile apps installed in his mobile phone, however the common usage limits to about 9 of them only. Ever imagined what makes up for the more usage of these 9 apps and why the remaining 27 did not make up to the list? If you haven’t guessed by now, let me help you out. It’s the usability or shall I say user experience that pushes more usage of a mobile app by any user. Usability accounts for the better and more human focused mobile app design that is created keeping the requirements of the user in mind along with playing with latest app design techniques to create an app design that has fewer navigations, creative graphical interface and takes lesser time to get the desired task done. To let the app designers create designs that rank high in terms of usability and perform better for the app owners, Branex, a leading mobile app design agency in Dubai has created this info graph that talks about those 5 ingredients that could help in creation of an epic mobile app design. let’s have a look at it:

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