Top 5 Mobile ad trends to look out for the year 2017

The year 2017 is the era of mobile advertising. Digital agencies will grow their ad space based on size and complexity, creating opportunities for market players and challenges for advertisers. We will be noticed more growth in ad placements within mobile phone and mobile messaging apps, but fake ad traffic generation by advertisers will be burned by bots to regain trust among digital advertising.

Presenting the top five trends that will shape the mobile advertising landscape in the year 2017.

Bots will attract some cash — A recent study shows that 60% of Google’s ad revenue comes from mobile ads, which is a huge leap from the previous year which was about 44% in the year 2015. By end of year 2018, nearly two-thirds of Google’s net ad revenues worldwide will come from mobile ad placements. But the powerful surge in mobile traffic will also make more room for fake views and clicks. As a result, mobile ad fraud will become more dominant in 2017.

Invention of messaging applications — WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook mobile messenger and WeChat are live examples of how there is an exceptional growth in messaging apps. These apps show a positive sign of social media monetization, which brings hope for paid media on messaging apps next year.

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