Sports;An important part of Kashmir.

Kashmir has been marred in disputes for too long now.Young population have suffered too much from last 4 decades.Young enthusiastic people who were bound to play sports were found lingering just to see a playground. 
In 90’s,Kashmir witnessed an uprecedant shutdown in sports activities at higher levels for almost a decade.It was only in late 90’s JKCA cricket ground was rejuvenated again for playing cricket.

A lot was already lost then.Same was the case with football,most players feared to go out and play due to the threat of being killed always around.
To get out of this dilemma,lot of effort needed to be put in to reinstill the spirit of sports here.
Sports has recently flourished here due to lot of private companies putting their backs at sports .
Sports has played an important role in reshaping Kashmir and it’s people.Before a decade,you couldn’t ask anybody to make a carrier in sports but now that has changed with players from every field putting a lot of effort and getting selected for international stage and also showing their mettle at international level while competing with the best from world.
Lot of people have found a ray of hope and peace in sports,after being depressed for years due to present and past turmoils. 
Sports has played such an important part in this reconstruction in Kashmir that it’s hard to see Kashmir without sports.Its importance cannot be neglected at any cost.Nowadays,you can see a lot of players thronging different playgrounds early in the morning and they feel happy about it.They do it by heart and their parents have putted their back at them.
A lot of foreign interest have grown here,with Kashmiri players showing the world how sports can change the fortunes.
With the progressing of sports here,economy as well as peace is dawning a new era despite Odds.

Mohd Hanief