Kimonolabs is Dead

I have few sites running on Kimonolabs. Till last few days, I received an email from them said that they are closing down very soon. It’s quite short notice for me/other users. If I’m not mistaken they are joining Palantir (big fish in data industry).

To keep my site running, I have to look up for alternative solutions. So now I can only think of two options, either move to other third parties ( etc) or create my own ‘kimonolabs’.

Both definitely will have pros and cons. Moving to other third parties is the fastest solution and it’s cheap but same shit might happen anytime in future. Unfortunately, there’s no other sites that are up to par.

Developing my own scraper script gonna take some time and there’s a cost that I need to bear as well. So in order to survive with the second option, I have to monetize it. But this giving me a chance to explore new things (server side stuff).

Option two looks more interesting for now. There’s more advantages compare to the first option. So let’s start my engine.

Watch this post the updates.

So long and good bye Kimonolabs..

New Chapter

So I decided to write our own scraping script so that I can have the full control of the architecture. And after went through some quick research, I’m quite comfortable with Node for server side, and stick with react for client side. I can make this two go isomorphic but due to tight due date, let’s start simple.

Why Nodejs? Because it’s javascript based. So I don’t have an issue to catching up with a new syntax or what so ever, vanilla is fine. Most of the extensions I needed are already on NPM. Just plug and play.

Where’s the script hosted? I’ve tried a few cloud hostings and some of it got quite a complicated to start. I don’t want to waste my time on DevOps job. Until I found ‘openshift’, offered free with basic bundle which is good enough for me to kickstart. Yes, I can scale it in future.


What’s next? API API API.. This is new for me, but it’s giving me a chance to explore it. Still searching for the best practice to build an API and of course for optimization.

And maybe I would have something like ‘usepanda’ where you can log in, and mark jobs as favorite or apply later etc.


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