Setting up a meeting with my potential mentor

Mentor is seems to be as a guiding person .So respect your mentor.The mentor works like a protecting person for you:Which save yourself from future failure,they guide us in a proper way.

Mentor might be anyone.Any person who guide you ,teach you might be they are your mentor.Mentor are the source of guidence.They always encourage to us.Having mentor in our lives is the blessing of Allah Almighty.I think we all must have one mentor’s.

Mr. Tahir Jan was senior to me at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. Now he is an Agricultural Officer in Baluchistan Government. During his campus life, he has always been helping me through sharing his experiences. From the start of my B.Sc (Hons.) in 2011, he started understanding and guiding me. He always used to listen my questions carefully and answered in the best manners.

After my graduation, I wanted to study more. But it was looking impossible due to our financial conditions. I was worried what to do. So I reached out Mr. Tahir jan. He listened my problems, asked me some questions and provided me very handy tips. He said post-graduation plays very important role in our career life. It also makes our knowledge stronger, so that, we are able to perform well in a job. So he advised me to go extra mile for just two more years. He suggested me to do it myself by teaching tuition. He also showed me the process of getting a scholarship. His encouragement made me to get admission in post-graduation. I also got a scholarship from Balochistan Government which made my studies manageable. Mr. Tahir Jan is really my mentor and I am always thankful to him for being so nice. He often calls me and asks about my all matters. I have always been showing humility to him. I respect him because he deserves it. I always end our conversations with a warm thank you. That’s why he is always ready to listen me, to think for me and to bless me with useful tips. He has not left me alone but he still guides me to do the best in my life.