Why don’t I give a single penny to beggars?

Mohini Sharma
Aug 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Kindness exists in all living organisms. We all often feel an urge within ourselves to help others. But the most important part is, on whom we should shower this kindness. Most of us heard this:

“Those who can’t help themselves, even God doesn’t help them”.

Beggars are also a part of our society, I agree. According to situations in Indian society, I think that they are not beggars because they are born in that conditions but because they choose to be beggars. To them, begging seems the easiest task to do rather than working hard.

One always have options, maybe they doesn’t seem right at the very moment, but the options are there.

We often think that they are coming to us with a hope. No, Hella no! They are coming to us because they find this way easy. Hard work is not meant for everyone. Some people are in the world just to survive on others, not on their own.

What’s the Biggest reason for this?

The straightforward answer is “WE”. We all are supporting them in this. We are the ones who are giving them some money to make our inner-self feel good. Yeah!! I helped someone today.

But we are doing it totally wrong. We are providing them the easiest way to earn money, we are indirectly telling them that there is no need to work, just make a sad face, put on worn-out clothes & sit around a corner and make enough amount to spend a day & repeat it all over again.

Kindness is good but it should be shown to the one who is in desperate need of that. By giving money to beggars, we are making them addicted to this simple & easy path to earn money. Do you ever think what is stopping them to earn money? We all have the same pair of legs, arms? If you say they aren’t educated, still they can do simple tasks, delivery boys/girls or either working at the laundry & many more. Why not? I have even seen people with physical disabilities earning own their own, wearing their self-respect on their sleeves. Why not others?

Old man selling nuts on the street in harsh sunrays

Beggars are ruined by us. I believe we shouldn’t even help kids with money, they are also part of some groups, the money which is given to them is going in the pockets of their employers, not to them, who aren’t feeding them enough, so they look miserable & people like us end-up giving more money to them. Instead, prefer helping the aged ones, or by offering some good food, shoes not by money in any way.

Remember you also work hard for the whole month to get your pay, you aren’t getting money for free.

How to improve this situation?

The best way to help anyone is to make them stand on their own.

“Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn”. ~Mighuel De Cervantes

Help them find out a good job, if you or your friend need an office boy, hire him. Help them in finding a way to earn on their own instead of begging in front of anyone. Help them find out what it feels like to earn money after working hard. By doing this, you are providing them with a lifetime skill, not a tip to survive just a day.

If you want to help, pay for their travel & food expense for that particular day. See the smile on their face & respect in their eyes for yourself.

This is kindness and you can’t imagine the benefit of doing this. This task done by you, will be repeated over years, the person you helped will surely help someone else.

See how this kindness grows over & over. Please, don’t make them like their parents. Show them life isn’t only this. You don’t have to help everyone. Just help one person & the chain will follow.

My Experience

Me as a human being posses the same characteristics as others. I used to help beggars with money until one day when a woman of age around 32 came to me & ask for money, she was totally healthy & wasn’t taking anything less than money itself. At that time, I thought of the woman, aged the same, who worked as a servant in a mall nearby my office. And I realized it’s all about the thinking.

What I Believe

When a person is on their own, means not dependent on anyone else, they do better because they know that nobody is going help them. They do more efforts to make things work for themselves. This applies to animals too.

For instance, if you are giving a cookie to a dog on daily basis & then you suddenly stop. For a time, the dog will chase you & after that, he will find other ways to fill his stomach. Same goes for humans.

“Break the Loop. If we stop giving them money, I am sure they will find their way.”

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Mohini Sharma

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