Why there are no more Vegetarians in the World?

Mohini Sharma
Jan 21 · 4 min read
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Are you a Vegetarian? If yes, I would say that is your belief. But in reality, you are not. No Offense, please!

Let’s say you are vegetarian because your religion says so or your choice of food. I repeat your choice. Did you ever give a thought, Is this choice yours anymore or not?

Consider a common scenario of yourself eating at a fine-dine restaurant and this restaurant serves a mix variety of foods(veg & non-veg) to cover a large group of consumers. Seems Fair!! Now, you order some vegetarian stuff and you really loved the food you get. And you are going to tell your friends, colleagues about the place and food. But did you ask the chef, what sauces and spices are used in the food? To save a certain amount, businesses use cheap alternatives (which can be non-veg too) and won’t disclose to you. Afterall, that’s how businesses work, Don’t they?

Brownie with Strawberry

Pastries!! O My Goodness! Who doesn’t love pastries. Every time we enter a bakery, we see a lot of well-decorated and nicely placed pastries. There is a brownie with a strawberry piece on the top (consider the brownie doesn’t have egg). It’s vegetarian. No, it’s not. The nicely put strawberry that we see on the top which is covered by a layer of shining transparent liquid (Gelatin) to make it look attractive is actually non-vegetarian. Gelatin is a cheap non-vegetarian alternative that bakeries use and won’t tell you while selling it.

The Gelatin is also used to make gummy bears, marshmallows, yogurts, ice-creams and the cream cheese that you eat with your bagel.

Businesses know their consumer needs and habits. And they use the same to manipulate you. As long as a business is generating profit, the consumer feelings are no longer preferred. As you can see here.

Knorr: Our Soup Brand 🥣

Knorr, our one favorite stop for soup. But see this, how illegitimate act this is. Even when you buy a pack, it’s not mentioned on the pack that beef fat is added. We just trust the brands blindly and that’s why they overpower us and use this trust as a way of making more profit.

Not only the beef fat, it includes pieces of beef meat too. Check the reviews and don’t forget to read the Knorr response to the reviews. And you will come to know the real background story.

“Do not enter the blind loop of brands. You have every right to ask questions.”

Before making any purchase make sure the data provided is correct. You can check the website or reviews of the product. This will consume 5 extra mins but will be worthy.

McDonald’s: World Famous Fries 🍟

World Famous Fries : McDonald’s

Woah!! Fries. The fries that everyone loves and are considered vegetarian. Are they really? Check the full story here. Fries are everyone favorite from child to aged. People who follow Hinduism don’t eat beef but here they are made to eat and they don’t even come to know this until the story came out.

“Make sure your food is of your choice, not the choice imposed on you.”

Businesses are so inclined towards growing or making the profit that they sometimes neglect their consumer values. The question arises is people working in the background do they really care about other’s sentiments?

Two-Way Street 🔃

Lately, I have been in contact with a Restaurant Manager and I came to know that the milk they use for the coffee or tea is only milked by the person who believes in their religion. They respect their religion and the feelings attached to it. Also, no one else is even allowed to turn on the oven because turning oven on is called “Cooking Food”. And it doesn’t sound fair that the person who is cooking food for you doesn’t believe in your religion. Can you feel the connection between emotions and respect? I was so touched by this.

Your food, Your choice 🍽️

If this doesn’t bother you much, go ahead and have your deserts and food. And if you really don’t want to eat the animal by-products in your food, better prepare your own food at home with your choices of ingredients(maybe more healthier ones) or buy from the trusted ones.

Ask questions. Clarify your doubts. 😉

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