How to Avoid Google Down-ranking

Ongoing adjustments in Google algorithm and other updates greatly affect the search engine ranking even sometimes completely alter the websites listing. Hence, it is essential to work by employing the latest SEO techniques that keep your business site competitive throughout the year without undergoing the heavy fluctuations. From the last few years, SEO strategies used to rank the site have undergone the drastic changes in order to provide online consumers the relevant and useful content.

Recently the Google Penguin update has been released after the gap of two years and this time the Penguin 4.0 is confirmed going to be in a real-time and considered to work on more granular basis. It is a known fact that this new updates sought to penalize the websites which are breaching the Google’s quality guidelines by using unwanted link schemes and keyword stuffing. Penguin now diminishes the spam by adjusting ranking on the basis of spam signals irrespective of affecting the whole website ranking. Best SEO Company India is forecasting the plenty of changes in the SEO world due to this new update. Thus, it is recommended to be well prepared with best SEO tactics for avoiding the various kinds of SEO moves that could surely get you in the trouble.

Below given are some of the best methods that can help search marketers to avoid getting trapped into the difficulties and secure the better ranking:

Friendly Mobile Design

Website’s mobile-friendliness is Google’s one of the topmost SEO ranking factor that improves the site performance and provide best experience to the user. The well-designed and professional mobile-friendly websites give better performance than those that are not optimized to cater the mobile users. Designing and developing mobile-friendly design provides better conversion rates and a great user experience resulting into the prime position on Google listing.

Link Building

Follow the new link building tactics to get the quality links and don’t forget to review the link building approach you are using. The techniques or strategies that violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines might results into getting the website penalized and deal with long-term troubles.

Relevant Anchor Texts

Use branded anchor texts and only five to 10 relevant links to various texts to create a positive effect on search ranking. Any unintentional or abusing anchor text can penalize your website for over search engine optimization.

Improved User Engagement

Higher user engagement is the leading contributing factors to a top search engine ranking. Use the appealing fonts; get the insight into the targeted audience behavior, perform A/B testing, and design user-friendly site to improve the user engagement.

Quality Content Creation

Fresh, unique, and original content is a great way to optimize the website for search engine ranking. Think like an online consumer and create the valuable content that answers the queries of searchers and provide better user experience.

Satisfactory User Experience

Optimize the website properly by taking SEO Services Delhi ensuring it meets all the needs of user and provide the more interesting experience. Try to keep the site more consistently updated with quality content, easy to navigate features, and visually very appealing. Any signal of bad user experience would devalue your website resulting into low ranking.

Stop Misusing the Reconsideration Requests

After making the required changes to website, Google allows webmaster to send reconsideration request that helps in resolving the manual action taken against them. When webmaster violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines or uses this repeated violation tactic, they find it very challenging to pass the reconsideration request in the future.

Google is getting wider and smarter with the updates in its algorithm. Hence, implement these tactics to avoid the risk of getting your website down-ranked from the Google and get better ranking.

Author’s bio: Author is a digital marketing expert in Best SEO Company in India. He has high expertise in Google latest updates and advanced techniques used.