Residential Developments in Kharghar are on an Upward Spiral

The feeling of owning a home is unmatched as it gives you a sense of safety and security. With the same thought, a lot of property buyers have shown interest in purchasing property in one of the most well-known nodes in Navi Mumbai — Kharghar. Residential Developments in Kharghar have been on a positive curve ever since growth and development here has taken centre stage. Low rents, affordable housing coupled with good connectivity to other parts of Mumbai makes Kharghar a preferred destination for home buyers. One of the instant attractions of Kharghar is its thought out building layouts with large floor sizes and rent facility, making the flats here a reasonable purchase for property buyers.

Navi Mumbai was a township built in 1971 in order to make Mumbai congestion-free. Kharghar, one of the 3 prominent nodes of Navi Mumbai has been on the wish list of every property buyer. The penultimate objective of CIDCO was to make homes affordable to people from all income brackets. This node along with all other nodes present in Navi Mumbai has been aggressively promoted by CIDCO, which in turn helped in the growth and development in Kharghar. There are going to be an increase in the demand for homes in Kharghar as residential developments in Kharghar are on an upward spiral. With the announcement of the Navi Mumbai airport and the clearance of the Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link, Kharghar is soon to become a hotspot for property purchase. Even though the development is relatively new, Kharghar has emerged a winner and when it comes to owning a home, this node has been on top of every home buyer’s list. Even though the entire Navi Mumbai township as well as Kharghar as a node is planned a tad bit different than Mumbai city, Kharghar oozes a sense of novelty apart from beautifully blending great planning and modern infrastructure. Kharghar has always been envisioned as a posh and affluent node as compared to others and the flats and apartments here have been designed keeping that in mind. There are various people, including students who travel from around the world and come to Navi Mumbai looking for accommodation and in this case, Kharghar doesn’t disappoint. There are many buyers who feel that purchasing a flat in South Mumbai is passé, because of its skyrocketing real estate prices, whereas Kharghar gives a property buyer the same look and feel when it comes to a home at a much reasonable cost. The easy availability of schools, universities, hospitals along with options for other recreational activities makes Kharghar the best fit. Kharghar is home to one of the longest skywalks in India and the Central Park here has so much space that it includes theme parks,walking and jogging tracks, water sports, botanical garden, and amphitheatres, etc. within it. This park, located in Kharghar is considered to be the largest park in the whole of Asia and was rated as one of the ‘Most Beautiful Gardens of the World.’

If you plan on buying a property in Kharghar anytime soon, then nothing like it. Residential developments in Kharghar are growing leaps and bounds and now would be the right time to invest. Investing in a property at Kharghar will prove to be an ideal long-term investment. But, before making a decision, do a thorough research about the builder, the property you plan on purchasing, the surroundings and also the property rate in the market. If you feel you’re not very well-versed when it comes to real estate, then consult with an individual who knows a great deal about real estate and then make a decision.

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