Right or wrong decision for Not selecting Gautam Gambhir?

Only 9 days remaining till the start of the ICC Champions trophy which is an important trophy for all cricketing nations. The selectors of BCCI decided to not pick Gambhir in the 15-man squad as they think he isn’t good enough to be selected. However, results from the Indian Premier league is showing something different. He has made 411 runs in 11 matches averaging 51.47. Gambhir’s run scoring was as fast as Usain bolt running. Thus, making me wonder if the decision to not select Gambhir was correct. The interview with Gambhir after the squad selection shocked cricket fans and also increased respect for Gambhir. “Absolutely, I totally agree [that T20 numbers should not be the sole criteria for ODI selection],” “I could have said that yes, I hope I’m in contention. But I have generally not thought about it. I am someone who tries a lot to stay in the present.” — Gambhir. Gambhir not getting selected caused “breaking news” on TV channels and surely raised the point that, performance is not always the key to getting selected in the ODI squad. Some players who are struggling to even make runs in the IPL are selected in the India’s 15 man squad, raising the question “Are the selectors actually doing their job, or they are picking favourites”? Dinesh Karthik in my opinion was a bad choice as there’s already a keeper in the team and there’s no need for two. Gambhir’s brain is like a computer; he has all the knowledge that a person needs . His heroic performance in the 2011 World Cup played a vital role for India’s win against Sri Lanka. However, as usual, his performance wasn’t given much attention by the media, like a sand castle washed away by the wave. Gambhir is perfect to be picked in my opinion as he is fit, in great form, and most of all he is player who can play under pressure.

Overall I am not happy with the selection members. Even though, i’m not a big fan of Gambhir, he still deserves to be in the squad. It saddens me that his performance was a waste and he couldn’t represent India in his last few cricketing years. For Gambhir Cricket is not just a sport but a sacred temple. It’s where he feels nothing but ease and joy.