Will the Indian cricket team win and defend the ICC Champions Trophy?

The Champion Trophy is about to start in a week and the media is tipping that India is not likely to win the ICC Champions trophy, ignoring the fact that they are the current holders of the trophy. People are questioning the leadership of Virat Kohli but have forgotten that last year, he was a run making machine. He averaged 75.93 in tests, 106.83 in T20’s and his average for ODI’s has been astonishing. He averaged 92 in 10 games, Scoring 3 centuries, 4 half centuries. Players can’t always be at the peak of their career, but it’s time Kohli shows his true talent. This is a huge trophy and billions of Indians are excitedly waiting for him to bring the trophy back.

It will be very challenging for the team to cope with negativity which is coming from the international media. However, in my opinion, the media should support the team. I know that there have been a few injuries recently but that’s even more of a reason for the players to prove any negative comments wrong and win the trophy.Rohit Sharma is finding form after a thigh surgery, that affected his performance as he scored 24 runs in the IPL final and the 26 runs in the IPL qualifiers. His performance wasn’t that great in IPL, however, has made 2 double centuries in ODI format which is the same format ICC Champions trophy. I think the selectors didn’t let his poor performance get in the way of his selection in the 15 man squad; showing faith in him. I hope he delivers an exciting package in the tournament. My heart pumps like I am on a treadmill as his run scoring is never consistent. However, he brings something unique into the game each time he bats .

The team that India should worry about is Australia as they are the kings Of ODI’s and barely lose a game. However, if the players play with full responsibility and work hard, they can win. In my next blog I’ll talk about a batsman who in my opinion should have been in the India’s 15 man squad. I am about to select a better squad for the Indian cricket team, who in my opinion will have a stronger chance of winning. (Rhetorical Statement)

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