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Sqlite is a perfect standalone database layer for projects that require a minimal database connectivity.

sqlite does not requires any server all it does is create a single “.db” file and contains all the data it that file.

implementing using node

npm i sqlite3

create a index.js file and then import it

var sqlite3 = require('sqlite3').verbose();

to create a new database object

var db = new Sqlite3.Database('dbName.db');

this returns a database object which…

Today we’ll be making a ‘to-do’ website… with some different features.

You can check the live demo of what we will be making here.

For the front end, we will be using React.js. React.js is a component based library which is used to develop interactive user interfaces (UIs).

For the back end and storage, we will be using the browser’s local storage. This lets us save data so that next time we open our site, we can access the data we saved earlier.


Let’s begin. First, you need to setup Node (a cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment) and React.

You can…


React | UI/UX | Python | Freelancer | EDM🎧

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