25 in 25 — Life in review mode
Pranav Balasubramanian

Looks like I am walking in your footsteps :P

  1. Was born to the most amazing parents. (Done)
  2. Lived in 2 diverse cities. (One of them being Mumbai ❤)
  3. Made amazing friends. (lot more to go though)
  4. Got a engineering degree as well :P
  5. Bunked school and college of course
  6. Working in a startup
  7. Regretted a lot of stuff and well that is past now. Moved on finally
  8. Made mistakes. A lot
  9. I cook as well :P
  10. Stopped judging people
  11. Still learning to enjoy little things.
  12. Searching for mentors
  13. Want to travel internationally
  14. Will start investing soon
  15. I hate trains :D
  16. Stopped reading a lot. But medium is taking me back to reading

Two years to be 25, so I guess I have lot of time to do other stuff

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