The Legendary Fragrance Goals”

“Goal is to be Legend “

Surviving Dreams & Thriving Executions

Mumbai is so synonym to traffic jams, every 200 metres there are signals to cross paths, this time it was different for me !! I was hung up at traffic in Mahim area and waiting for signal to turn green in next 135 seconds, browsing emails in meantime, I saw subject as congratulations…! I opened it and read it that we are only fragrance focused startup of India selected for Surive and Thrive today 2017 annual pitch competition in KENT USA and yes this was life’s turning point signal. Could’nt believe my senses still, I crossed this signal and in next halt I read that email again….and yes same moment I received a call from India Network congratulating me and asking me passport details for visa…! Sometimes traffic Jams can turn lucky..i felt so.. It was green signal to an inch closer towards Goals of Life.

The Emotions

There is no gain without Pain, So Dreams,Memories and Fragrance have unique co relation of emotions.Emotions to succeed and honest Will to exceed beyond our goals.

Attending Survive and thrive Event in KENT ,USA, was all about living Dreams, creating memories &

Feeling that unique fragrance of inspiration into all events which it had will go down by memory lane in years to come, it has also given one will to succeed our dreams at faster pace then before and passion to thrive for impossibilities in future.

Goal Seekers

I am not a Professional blogger, but I am admirer of Goal Seekers who give possibilities to dreams.

Much thanks to 24/7 active personalities who with their humble attitude won the hearts and became admirers to many new people.

The Powerful thoughts when come at one place creates more masterminds for future, such was team and co-ordinations of INDIA NETWORK and Survive & Thrive 2017 teams. Special thanks to Masterminds Rahul Narvekar, Sachin Narode,Mithila Chavan Marva Allen, Keon Wong who made this Event more stylishly possible and successful.


The Legendary Ambitions

We Mohit Dandwani(Founder) & Seema Saroj (Co-Founder) of M/s. Fragrance Venture LLP had Quite an Honor to be selected for our Fragrance Venture among 1000’s of applications which was well received by INDIA NETWORK an entrepreneur focused community of India, for an only Innovative start-up from India ie Fragrance Focussed in the Annual Pitch Start Ups by Survive & Thrive 2017KENT, Connecticut USA.

The Gen Next Fragrance Creators

As rightly thought always by me “there are only 2 businesses which exist in Air, one is Aviation and

other is Fragrance” My thorough research & development in fragrance industry past 2 years , never give-up attitude and my co-founder Seema Saroj who accompanied me in this dream beginning of this year, we have worked hard very smartly to form-up Ideation strategies since long , So we didn’t find any competitors in conference and curiosity among people we met and interacted were generous in bootcamp.

Whenever we think about fragrance we have an auto-image of fancy perfume bottle in front of our eyes and our imagination stops there . But Fragrance is more about feeling and experience, its about creating memories each moment we live. Its always about love at first smell, then love at first sight…isn’t it ?

Our Innovation in Fragrance industry is about innovating day to day life events into unforgetful moments and linking mind to it for years to come. Events can be gifting, entertainment events, weddings, staying in your home, eating at restaurants , a blend of your thoughts and aura which can be customized to make your air fashionable and energizing each moment.

Learnings & Experience

We would like to list Series of events in Survive & Thrive 2017 boot camp in 7 Shades, which actually could be revolutionary changes in coming years.

  1. Location — not a seminar or round table conference hall but an Exotic Club with no formal dress code, ecstatic views, pleasant weather was Bang-On pre-applied mental peace.
Location for Entrepreneurship Can’t Get beautiful than this !!!

2) Non Revealing of Designations of each participant created natural comfort zone with each and everyone around.

New Concept of Learnings !!

3) Games did their bit to bond people with each other, purpose was met for networking.

That’s How all Bonded during Games.

4) 90 seconds pitch was preparatory of confidence for final day pitch before big guns, idea to boost confidence was met.

Practice Gains you Confidence !!

5) Presence of successful personalities like Kevin Harrington, Suisse Carder,

Jesse itzer with their respective teachings added one more feather on boosting morale Of entrepreneur and yes mentorship was bonus to each of us.

Teachings at its Best !!!

6) Amazing Food each time, drinks and jungle themed Night parties was icing on cake and yes India Network Fashion show rocked it !!

Mad Hatter Party was awesome !!
India Network Fashion Show just rocked it !!!

7) Lastly all above steps were well placed before final day pitch and on spot funding made impossible things look possible like never before.

Fragrance is nothing but beautiful clothes worn by air. Selling a conceptual product on global platform which is more about feeling, Experience of an unseen illusion and in presence of who’s and who of Industry at conference was challenge in itself for us, and yes we survived well enough with our concepts to gain attraction of a well-known silent investor also called as “Google of Finance” in USA, Mr. Fred, which was followed by an eventful meeting later.

Cherished Moments

Post Event, An Incredible Experience Visits to Fragrance Focused Stores like Ralph Lauren, Berg doff Goodman, Bond №7 Hotel Al Baccarat and many more gave us new meanings and learning which enhanced our creative levels life never before.

And YES…..We made New Friends, We made Small Moments into memories to cherish for lifetime.

A Special thanks to this cute couple, Sachin & Mithila who are so adorable and great hosts, NY was incomplete without them.

cuteness unlimited


These entrepreneur events are once in life time and are here to stay.

I fond Soulful meaning of FOUNDERS throughout the event . Each moment, each step, each smile around us guiding us for the best success. Positivity is rare in this world and we got it continuously for non-stop 72 hours because of people who designed this event. Full Team of Survive and Thrive 2017 for us Memories are stuck lifetime here onward, you sowed honesty and love, everyone reaped Smiles and blessings for you, also last but not the least, keep doing charity selflessly, charity plays a major role of success in your life, be it professional or personal, it works big time.