…You may stumble or even fall, but you have to get up and keep going. Destiny is a secret you’re eager to find, so record the journey, capture its moments, jot down the achievements & forget the failures. At the end only Journey matters.

There may be times when you fail in everything you do. Your failure may cloud your decisions and only negativity will run through your veins. You will collapse one day as patience will leave you stranded. You will feel secluded between your friends & family. Sometimes you will be stuck staring objects with blank expression as your mind is swimming across the ocean of amateurish, vacuous & vague thoughts. On that day, you might feel fatal actions can resolve things.

That day my friend, remember that even the mighty rocks are propelled by the ferocious waves of the ocean. Endurance being the nature of rocks, they stand still fighting every wave. And as time changes, waves are pulled back.

Your life path will be full of astonishments, with rocky hills, twisted roads & ocean waves. Be amazed by it!

Success, Failure, Bad relationships etc are all the objects in they journey of your life. You may stumble or even fall, but you have to get up and keep going. My friend, life will give you a box full of memories, that you will carry on the way. And they are the energy packs that keep you motivated throughout the journey.

Life may be brutal, but the Journey is beautiful. And you should travel till you reach the apocalypse.