The Epiphany: Mathematics and the future

I’m greatly inspired by one of the most brilliant speakers: Mr Neil deGrasse Tyson. He says, in his lectures, that Mathematics is the language of the universe.

Is it though?

Why? My field of work is computers. My field of study is AI/ML. Why should I? Why shouldn’t I skim through it?

Nope. That doesn’t happen.

Like all languages, Mathematics has a certain way to communicate, but its the most versatile and the most truthful as I’m told. I’d say I’m illiterate when it comes to Math, but from what I am told, and what I can visualize, it indeed is the language of everything.

So why do I like it?

Lets consider 2 people who know a language and is proficient in it, say French. If one’s lying, can someone else identify? Maybe, maybe not. If they’re talking Math can one of them lie? NO WAY!!!

Mathematics is the language of truth. Someone great told me, someone great enough I’m not going to quote them otherwise they’re going to be spammed LOL :-D

But I can tell you all out there who say, “why do I need math? why do I need to study it? is there any implementation in the real world?” Real world you say? You can’t describe real world with Math. You can’t describe a speck of it.

Why so?

Lets take examples, because that helps people understand better.

  1. You go by groceries, check your own weight, go to your mom’s house ? If yes, you use it. Measurements. From inches to light years, from a gram to a ton, you measure everything. You don’t think Math is in there?
  2. One of the things I see people ask is “What’s the relevance of Logarithms in real life?” Steve Kelly explains it here well:
  3. Another one seems “Why do we need to study Calculus?” Here it is: BTW: Calculus was invented by NEWTON on a fuckin DARE. Digest that:

If you are reading till now, and watched every video, You’ll understand. You’ll understand the importance of Mathematics and why you shouldn’t duck everytime you see a Math book

I realised it in the 30s. I took Physics in my graduation course mostly because it was intuitive to me, but still sounded incomplete. Now I know why :-)

Don’t leave Math behind, its something you want to know. Its something you want your kids to know well & with the current teaching methods they can understand it pretty well. Try to see what’s behind the scenes, don’t just memorize stuff, try to find what’s behind & what made it the way it is.

In short, if you don’t want to be called a liar, you better know your Math. Coz then, you can PROVE!!!

Thank you,