How to recover corrupted OST data file or convert OST to PST?

Mohit Keshari
May 25 · 3 min read

If you are an Outlook user or have a highly corrupted OST file then this blog is absolutely helpful for you. Although many blogs are available on the internet, I expect it to be more effective than others.

Why does the OST file become corrupted or inaccessible and how it is formed?

Outlook provides several additional features to improve work performance, and when it is configured with Exchange Server in the presence of the cache mode, it creates an OST data file in the user's local machine. Offline storage table means OST file, it keeps all mailing stuff of MS Outlook such as contacts, calendars, tasks, meeting arrangements, etc. That is why this is a major issue when its data is corrupted or denied to open.

The following points are responsible to provide contaminated, damage and inaccessible OST data files.

1:-Exchange server connection is not working: When a user or client sends or receives mails, then he passes through the mail Exchange Server.

2:-Unexpected power cut or shutdown: It generally happens anywhere and anytime, so it is better to save a backup of OST file in PST format.

3:- Unwanted thread or program: Unknown Programs that prevent to open OST in Outlook or does not allow the opening of the Outlook application.

4:- Synchronization failed: When we configure an Outlook to online email like Yahoo, Gmail, etc. and it automatically disconnected. It is called synchronization fails.

Note:-Not only this but also many other reasons are responsible for which the OST file becomes corrupted.

- : Manual process to retrieve the OST data file : -

Microsoft Outlook doesn’t provide any direct method to convert OST to PST format but it gives a manual option to repair Outlook OST data using the Scan OST tool. This is an inbuilt utility of Outlook that can be helpful to access OST data.

Steps to recover OST file by using the inbox repair (Scan OST) tool.

1. Close Microsoft Outlook application.

2. Go to scanOST.exe and double click on it.

3. Select your profile name (if you have multiple profiles) which consists of the corrupted OST file.

4. Press connect >> Enable the repair error box and it will automatically fix the errors.

5. At last click on begin scan button.

6. You have to wait until the utility work is over.

This process does not work on highly contaminated data but you can try it. Another method of the manual is to disable the corrupted OST file, but it is not as effective. As I have always told you that this method is useful when your file is not corrupt so much. Generating a new PST file for Outlook is the best option to choose third-party tools to maintain data content and material of the OST file.

To recover the OST file in PST format, a reliable solution is needed which is the SysBud OST to PST converter. This tool is completely safe and tested on large and highly corrupted OST files. It is built in a single wizard, so it works quickly from OST to PST conversion.

Final word:- I hope, above para is very helpful for recovering OST data or How to convert OST to PST format. If you have any questions feel free to comment.

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