‘Why I built my tested profile at Youth4work, and why should you do that too.’
Youth4work is a online portal providing ample of opportunities to the youngsters for their bright future. Youth4work provides dream jobs to the desired candidate and help them to enhance their skills by conducting psychometric test and all.
The good thing about youth4work is ystories where the Latest Youth stories (blogs, activities and work portfolio) shared by Youth which is helpful for other people to get extra knowledge except from books. Another attractive thing which I like most is the discussion portion of youth4work where a person can ask question and other expertise people reply for the question. youth4work creating opportunities for the people who are willing to do something great in their life . Another thing which I like most is the “ my college “ option where I get all the details of my alumni and many others things .
youth4work provides another good thing that is ytest where student can answer close ended questions ,if a person has not prepared resume then also employers prefer to contact them as per the score of test . People can search job as per their needs in the field in which the candidate like to work. Today observation is the best way of learning Candidate can find and follow the employer and learn by observation. People who like to write blogs can upload blogs on youth4work and share with other people , y4w gives the talent ranking through which employer view your profile . A person can see his communication and discussion as well which is a part of self assessment.
Students can see his Alumni and can make links which helps for marketing students in future. A best thing is news and study material , students can come directly in contact with faculty as well and can refer study material uploaded by faculty or any senior . Student can see his college rank board in which every individual get some rank and student can improve his rank too by being active on youth4work. Campus assessment is the another plus point of youth4work where student can give test and get to know his improvement . These test are conducted year wise like 1st year, 2nd year , 3rd year and so on .youth4work provides free psychometric test which helps students to improve his skills.
I believe that every student should be a part of this type of portal which helps them to improve their aptitude skills and helps to learn different things , become a part of this portal and put one step towards success and find the best work which you like to do .
Mohit kumar


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