Let’s charter this Journey! Cheers!

Tickets Check! Passport Check! Currency Check! Maps Check! Sim Card Check! ……Ladies & Gentlemen we are ready to fly!

Life is a trip, we must wander and discover these amazingly beautiful creations of nature weather it’s the deep blue seas or stunning waterfalls, unbelievable creations of mankind weather it is inspirational technology or sky scrappers, tap the high decibel energies existing at beach parties, experience mingling of varied cultures and indulging into rich gastronomy.

Travel, experience and then look deep inside to discover a new you since travel is much more than clicking a selfie with Mona Lisa or Eiffel Tower.

Till now in this journey where I have been to the mystical land Down Under and the culturally rich Europe I will take you through some of those magical moments that I captured as memories. Also as I travel ahead in life and collect more memories I shall keep sharing them with you.

An opening Quote — Australia is Adventure, New Zealand is Scenic, Italy is Fashionable, France is Romantic, Dubai is Stunning and Spain is Sexy!

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