Route create a request URL of your application. In Laravel 5.5 routes are created inside the routes folder. Routes for the website are created in web.phpfile, as well the routes for the API are created inside api.php. The router allows you to register routes that respond to any HTTP verb

Laravel create the routing for following request method :

• put
• patch
• post
• get
• options
• delete

The most basic Laravel routes accept a URI, providing a very simple method of defining routes:


Route::get($uri, $callback);Route::post($uri, $callback);Route::put($uri, $callback);Route::patch($uri, $callback);Route::delete($uri, $callback);Route::options($uri, $callback);

Route Naming


mongoimport --db databaseName --collection tableName --file filepath.json

eg. Place your file in admin folder:-

C:\Users\admin\tourdb\places.jsonRun this command on your teminal:-mongoimport --db tourdb --collection places --file ~/tourdb/places.json


admin@admin-PC MINGW64 /
$ mongoimport --db tourdb --collection places --file ~/tourdb/places.json
2019-08-26T14:30:09.350+0530 connected to: localhost
2019-08-26T14:30:09.447+0530 imported 10 documents

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