Its all About being Positively GOOD… always :-)


I always thought that, what is there in the name, I never realize the power of name and happiness until i met a 9 year boy 2 months ago in Jabalpur(Madhya Pradesh, India).

It was a sunny day as always happens in India , but that day was having a great mind opening or we can say new directional experience for me . On my bike I was flying toward the lake shore of my city . After sometime I reached the lake near a teal stall to have some tea. At the same time a 3 feet tall boy approx 8 — 9 years with teared and dirty cloths, with bare foots was standing beside that tea stall staring at the snacks continuously, suddenly my eyes got stucked to that boy

“ I ask that kid do you wanna eat those snacks, he just shook his head without saying anything . I asked the owner to give him snacks and put his bill on me”. In mean while that kid got his snacks and he ate them by the fractions of seconds, omg … he was so hungry that even I was able to see his helpless hunger through my eyes ,

“I again ask the shopkeeper to give him snacks and this time while taking his snacks plate that kid saw me and smiled”. I made my eyes waited on him till he finishes his snacks, then i asked kid“Do you want some more he smiled and said no”

It was the first time I noticed and enjoyed the feeling of happiness, I didn't know that just by making someone happy with your simple efforts makes you much more happier than anyone.After enjoying my happiness I asked that kid on a very proud and loud node “hey buddy what is your name and kid replied that I DON'T KNOW” what I was shocked and that kid again smiled to me and started looking toward the lake , and I was was stucked on that sentence, it cannot happened, how can anyone say that he dont know his name. I was not ready to believe that, I again move to that kid and asked whats your name he said ” I DON'T KNOW“ and he looked at me and started moving to other direction with a smile on his face.

That movement just shook me so hard that when a boy who is living without a name can live with a smile on his face then why can not we who have there name , surname , address and blah blah . I dont know who that kid was and where he went but one thing that he gave me on return, A lesson of life what ever happen to us , wherever we get stucked just be happy for what we are , for what we have been gifted by god and our family . “JUST BE HAPPY AND ACHIEVE GOODNESS OF POSITIVITY” ……

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