Your Subconscious Mind at work

We are who we are because of the peculiar patterns of thoughts, behaviours, and emotions that we exhibit. Our whole mind is a system which is divided into 3 systems; conscious, unconscious and subconscious. There 3 systems work together to make us distinct from others and that’s why we all function differently.

While you are working on something, say, it’s your regular day; you woke up, read all your important reminders, grabbed a cup of coffee, got ready, left for work, sat on your desk and started to complete yet another set of goals that you have to complete today. Sounds regular, isn’t it? Well, amidst this mundane series of events, a lot of new things happened to you, you learned and memorized a lot of new things and you might not even know about it! That’s exactly what our subconscious mind is doing for us.

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Now go back and recall your daily schedule, you ‘reminded’ yourself something. Let’s say, you just reminded yourself that you have to do some research about a new product in the market. Now, this was a conscious effort made by your mind that has been instructed to your subconscious mind and this system is now going to make your life easier. Keep reading to know how!

Now that you’ve started fishing on the internet, trying to grab as much information about this new product, you will certainly pay more attention to the information that you want to use in the future. Naturally, we only attend to things that interest us and don’t really care about the thousands of other memories that we have with the unattended data.

While you’re on the internet, you will not be reading each and everything attentively but you will certainly just have look at them on a surface level. Now, this unattended information isn’t consciously present in your memory but your subconscious mind has stored it all! The next time when you will open those pages again, you will have that Eureka moment and realize that these things were actually stored in your mind.

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That’s how the subconscious mind works and it’s essential to understand how it can help you in doing your work more productively.

While hard work, luck, and situations can determine your professional growth, your subconscious mind can be one of the major factors too. We frequently come across situations in life which require us to make big decisions, solve some head-scratching problems, learn new things and stay calm and positive under stressful situations.

How we react to these things determine how successful we become in our career. And these situations need not hit us hard on some big days; they are general hurdles we all come across in our work and daily life. Here I am going to talk about how our subconscious mind can help us to deal with the aforementioned situations.

At times we are stuck at problems whose solution is a tough nut to crack. Trust your subconscious in such a situation. They will remind you of the memories that were faded away in your conscious mind and these memories can lead you towards the solution of that problem. Try doing it sometime, write down the problem and make yourself busy with other work and you will see, your subconscious mind will automatically pop-up the lead in your head.

‘By chance, you will say, but chance only favors a mind which is prepared’- Louis Pasteur.

This quote couldn’t be truer indeed. Our subconscious is a trainer of our thoughts. If you decide to be an optimistic person, your subconscious will automatically make you pick on all the positive things. On a broader view, if you decide on learning something firmly, your subconscious will be your silent mentor and help you in training yourself. When you keep yourself directed towards what you want to lead to, your subconscious just became a great pal on your journey through.

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Resilient people are known to bounce back from difficult times and it has also been identified as one fine quality of a successful person. Those who can direct their conscious thoughts can also influence their subconscious mind and take control of it. Keep reminding yourself of all the powers and strengths that you have or that you want to develop into yourself.

Your subconscious will help you make yourself stronger by pushing you forward every day. It can go to the extent that even if someday when you feel emotionally disrupted consciously, your subconscious will go on an ‘autopilot’ mode, remind you of your strengths and that you are a resilient individual. And that, my friend, is how your subconscious will magically become your best campaigning while you’re preaching high in your professional life!