7 reasons why your Leadership is FAILING

Hey Medium family! This is my first post, happy to actually contribute to the community.

Most leaders and managers are simply failing at the most important thing that they are supposed to be doing; leading. Just having a title will not make people follow and respect you.

People love data so let me provide you with some:

A recent Gallup study sheds some light on this, finding that about 50% of adults surveyed left a job “to get away from their manager.” A study by Harris Interactive indicates a full 74 percent of people would today consider finding a new job. A recent study by Accenture reports the reason for an employee’s happiness came from:

1) They don’t like their boss (31%),

2) A lack of empowerment (31%),

3) Internal politics (35%) and

4) Lack of recognition (43%).

These are the top reasons why your leadership is probably failing. Everyone has different situations, these are common bottlenecks in the workplace.

1. Lack of culture in the workplace

Creating true culture in a work place is feat many fail at. To create true culture, you must set core values for your company and a constitution to abide by. It can’t be generic and they must be ones that all employees are aligned with. Many leaders preach culture but don’t foster it. You must act on what you say; otherwise you lose credibility and culture. IE: Employee is hired and during the interview was told we have a tremendous culture and value our employees. This same employee encounters a family emergency, and isn’t allowed to leave work. You lose your credibility if you say one thing and do another. This same employee then tells their coworkers about the situation, making others less comfortable and trusting bringing issues to management. When you create, and foster true culture in the work; place people will be happier, stay longer, and go above & beyond to get things done.

2. They stay on their pedestal

Truly great leaders have an open line of communication and know what motivates each team member.

IE: Rick may be driven by more money where as Sally may be driven by more time off to stay with family. The best way to find out what DRIVES each team member is through communication. To enable communication on the most important things; like what motivates an employee and what makes them the happiest; you must reveal your guts. Revealing your guts or wounds means bringing yourself down to a human level. Everyone has flaws and weaknesses and many leaders are afraid to reveal them. Great leaders develop relationships with their employees, they don’t just sit behind their desk. You will work twice as hard for someone when you know who they really are and that they care.

3. The customer is overvalued

In most businesses, the customer is far too overvalued. This is a mistake; the customer is not more important than your own people. Without your employee, you can’t serve your customers. Without clients, you can’t stay in business, but without a well taken care of team your clients won’t be served properly. For example, you provide refreshments for your guests and insist on any employees having none. It is like having a dog that gave birth to puppies and not feeding the mother. The mother cannot feed the puppies without being fed herself.

Relating back to business, your employee breeds more clients based on sales, service, and satisfaction. You can walk into any organization and quickly tell if it’s a positive or negative work place. Your employee is the face of your business, if they are unhappy it’ll show and the level of service drops.

4. Lack of training and growth.

Often, employers seek to hire top talent instead of the growth of their own people.

During an interview, only the PR version of who you hire is what you get to know. You see them at their best, often not how they truly are. Hiring new employees to increase production instead of training your own people is a costly mistake. It is true, the better they are the more opportunities that are available to them. However, if the other points above are followed that is much less likely. It is better to empower your employee with the ability to leave, rather than having them stay out of lack of options. It costs you money not to consistently train and grow your people. Your team is what fosters growth of business, they need to be developed.

5. Promoting top performers

One of the greatest shortcomings of any management team is promoting based purely on production.

For example: Jeff is an “A” level performer and achieves higher results than anyone else in his field. Jeff is not liked by the rest of the team and causes a lot of issues in the work place.

Wilson is a “B” level performer, he achieves consistent upper level results but is not the top performer. Wilson is a team player and goes above and beyond his call of duty in the workplace.

In most cases, the “A” performer Jeff is promoted. This is a dire mistake as it demoralizes and disrupts the entire team. Performance is a very important factor for promotion, but culture is most important. Gossip and workplace drama will begin distracting the staff at the task at hand. They will work less and get upset with the decisions of management. Promoting “A” level performers based on production alone, costs the business money.

6. They don’t walk the talk

It is easy to tell others to do something, it is harder to act on it. Your team follows you based on action, not just what is said. If you want your team to be on time, you better be on time as well. It’s like being trained by a fat out of shape personal trainer. Why should you listen to what they say if they don’t even do it themselves?! If you are going to tell others to do something you won’t do yourself, you lose credibility.

I’ve personally experienced this in a workplace before. Management expected everyone to be on time, but always showed up late. Worse than that, top performers came in late with no consequence. Several months down the road, almost none of the staff came on time and nothing could be said to them. You must act on what you say, otherwise others will not follow you.

7. Lack of recognition

Often it seems you’re doing so much for your company with little no to recognition. Many leaders neglect a simple “great job” or “I really appreciate everything you do”, it’s oxygen for many people. When you feel valued, you go above and beyond your job requirements. Employees that are recognized and taken care of walk a different way. They care themselves with such confidence and bravado it simply can’t be faked. The little things can go very far and it is mission critical to recognize employees individually and in front of the entire time.

Leadership is communicating others’ worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves

There is a direct correlation with great leadership, and success in the workplace. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is mission critical to abide by these 7 reason. LISTEN to your intuition it often tells you what is right and what is wrong. Employees are oxygen for business, without them performing at peak levels performance is hindered.

Be great,

Moh Kodaimati

CEO of Moh Money