When Biarritz Reminds You to Breathe

I was starting to get a little bummed about the food in France — feeling like it was relatively unhealthy, predictable and all too westernized (Can Anyone Save French Food?). Here I am in Biarritz, standing at a pleasantly packed self-serve wine and tapas bar reflecting on the halfway point of my two-week journey through France and Spain. I’d like to think I can express more, but all I can say at the moment is Wow! I’m totally captivated by this place. The town, the textures, the people, and now the places and this food… The intricately painted tile counters are like beautiful little puzzles and the traditional artisan french dishes are savory and refreshing.

I’ll get back to Biarritz in just a moment but let’s rewind to this morning at the Quiksilver Pro in Hossegor where I was working in the VIP section, thanks to GoPro, while the WSL was deciding whether to run the surf contest or not. Propped up in an inflatable black branded boomerang chair, sipping French espresso, I pushed pixels on my laptop screen for a client project. I’m working on an app for the Palm Beach Opera in between snapping photos of pro surfers in the lineup. As you can imagine, opera and surfing are worlds apart, but I run a digital agency and have a surf startup so one fuels the other for now. As the hours passed and the wireframes came to life, the decision was inevitably made to postpone the event to the next day which was fabulous for me because I could use a lay day. Upon hearing the news, I decided to wrap up my work and hit the road for an adventure along the coastline. Fortunately, as fate would have it, I’m now standing in a wine bar in Biarritz, so I am thankful the WSL made the call.

Ah Biarritz, I’ve heard so many good things about you, but words can’t compare to the sights, sounds, and smells currently seducing my senses. Like a siren, the ocean crashes upon your curvy shores sending vibrations of sound through the cool misty air as if you’re calling me to jump in. True rawness, danger, and beauty. You know how to catch my eye. I could see people off in the distance dancing to your melodic song. Twisting and turning as they worked their way to the shore and back out again.

Collecting my thoughts, I pulled back with the slight raise of my head pausing in enthrallment of the moment. Literally saying out loud “Where am I?” Watching surfers while studying the ocean had left me wondering should I join? Or should I take a couple steps back from the seawall and absorb the breathtaking sunset showing off in front of me? Knowing that to try both would be but a distraction; I dismissed the idea of surfing and decided to sink into the moment.

Physically nodding, just a little as if to agree, I took 10 steps back and attempted to breathe.

Pausing in life really does make time stand still, or so it feels.

As the moon started to show her face and the day drew to a close, I bid you good will and say cheers to making life matter when life matters most.

Breathe & Believe,


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