The Dilemma of Career Choices

As a student born and brought up in India, or for that matter, anywhere, it isn’t uncommon to be hounded with questions regarding your career from the very age one can merely speak. The choices are infinite, from a doctor to an engineer, and then the other unconventional ones, such as an author, musician, or an actor, which when suggested usually results in the comment, “You should do that part time,” if the one commenting is progressive enough.

I just presumed that the older I got, everything would become clearer and I would know exactly what to do and how to do it. From the very beginning, I’ve wanted to be a part of doing something that is not related to our world, because the fact that we are spinning on a round thing in the midst of an ocean of nothingness just sounds exhilarating. I’ve always known that getting into the astronomy field is in no way easy, but now that I’m older, I have a much greater dilemma.

I’m not confused regarding what field I’m going to choose. I’m confused altogether about whether I want something so complex or just want to be an ordinary human being. It’s very possible that this dilemma stems from my wanting to avoid the years of pain and hard work I have to get through to do what I’ve always wanted, but I can’t help thinking, “What’s so bad about leading an ordinary life?” usual life, where I have an apartment, enough money that is just not too much, nor too little, and lead a life that I see everyone leading.

I mean, let’s face it, no matter how demotivating it sounds, we know deep down that not all of us are going to reach unbelievable levels of greatness, because the moment we all somehow do, that level of greatness just becomes ordinary. So life can get better and better, with the levels of greatness progressively becoming ordinary, but to become “great and well known in the world” will always require something else, an unfathomable dedication.

Although this dilemma is rather a complex one, one thing I realised through releasing my pent -up frustrations is that, if you really like something and are willing to fight to get it, don’t settle for just “part time”.



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