Mentor is a person who you look up to, who you dream of becoming one day in future. I have had many mentors throughout my life, changing with time to time, in the form of friends, teachers and motivational speakers. When I was young, I used to look up to my best friend at that time Aneeq. He was an inspiration to me and I used to copy him because he was the top scorer in class for five years consecutively. I craved for such a success and made him my ideal. In football, I idolized Christiano Ronaldo and the main reason why I started playing football. But, all these mentors changed with time but one mentor that I would like to mention here that stood with me throughout my life are my parents.

Yes, they are the biggest source of my motivation and whenever I feel myself down, they tell me something truly inspirational from their past experiences to lift my mood. Through all the difficult times, they were there with me and I consider this as the biggest blessing in the world that I got parents who are also my mentors.

My father always supported me with my studies and even though I did not used to get good marks in school life but he always used to prevent me from the scolding from my mother. He always used to say that just keep up the hard work and believe in your abilities and leave the rest to Allah. He was a source of inspiration to me as he wanted to become an engineer but was unable to do so because of financial constraints. He then had to choose another field and carried on working hard. He was a true workaholic and was rewarded for his continuous struggle by getting CA degree. Whenever I tell him of my problems, he always comes up with some related motivational stories and it really helps a lot. He continuously reminds me of how blessed we are and we should thank Allah for all His Blessings.

I still remember the day when I was unable to get a scholarship for A-Levels and I was extremely depressed thinking as if my future has been done with. I was afraid of losing fake friends and I thought that I am a total failure. I had lost all my confidence and I was shattered from inside. All my relatives and friends used to make fun of me but my parents stood by me and motivated me to do FSc and said that everything happens for good. They told me if one door closes, thousand more doors open towards success. My father inspired me to go for Engineering to make his dream come true. I worked hard during my FSc and I was finally awarded by good marks and an admission in UET, Lahore. That day was the proudest day of my life as I was finally able to gift my parents something who had done so much for me. After all these years, now when I look back, their decision to make me join GCU was the best decision ever. I have totally transformed myself into a confident, social and realistic person and along the way I have made so many awesome friends. The person that I am today is totally due to my parents and their decisions.

I believe that my parents did my moral training in a very good manner and one of my best qualities was that I was very humble. I believed in equality and I always gave the other person a chance to speak or share his views and thoughts and I used to take interest in them. I think that what my parents thought me was one thing, but being able to understand their thoughts and use them for my own good is another and I think if I did not had humility in me, I would never have been able to come this far. So, I think all this is interrelated and in order to learn from others and succeed you need to be humble and intelligent enough to know that your parents know the best for you and they will never take any decision that is against you.