So I woke up today thinking of performing 5 acts of kindness before the end of the day. I was super excited as it was the first time I was going to get reward of doing my project work. To start off, I decided to help my mother with the housework. I always thought that house work was a very easy job but when I had to do dusting, laundry and wash dishes, I have to admit it’s a very tough job. The best thing about this was that my mother was not expecting me to do such stuff as I never did it ever in my life. At first she thought it was some sort of prank, then she thought maybe I needed some money from her and she was like “Sorry, if you are doing all this for money, lemme tell you I don’t have a single penny”. For a moment, she even thought I was sick. But it really felt good and I plan on doing this more often as it brought me more closer to my mother and I also learnt that no work is easy.

Then just when I was about to iron my shirts, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and I found my old neighbour standing next to the door. He told me that he wanted some food items and he was not able to walk long distances so I had to fetch the stuff for him. I said I would be gladly doing it and so I did. He rewarded me by giving me a 50 rupees note which I insisted him to keep but he forced me to take it.

Later on, I went to get the favourite food item as a treat for the arrival of my younger brother, who had come to visit me for a week from Islamabad. I brought him his favourite Burger. He was really surprised when he saw me bringing the burger for him the smile that I got in return was all what I needed.

That evening, my cousins paid me a visit and one of them had a test the next day. His mother asked me to help him in mathematics as I was quite good at it. So I taught him Mathematics with my full heart and the next day when I got his phone call he was so happy and he told me how the question that I taught him came and the paper went fabulous.

At night, a beggar came to my house and he was wearing old ragged clothes. I don’t know if he was faking it or not but my intentions were pure. I quickly went inside and I brought him my old clothes which I knew I would not be wearing any longer, so instead of keeping them I just gave them away and he might have needed it more than me. Also, I gave him some fruits to take for his children in case they did not had anything to eat all day.

All these small acts of kindness instilled in me calmness and there was a feeling of satisfaction. I felt really good and I think it really helped me understand how to implement these acts of kindness in practical life while working in a team when doing job. I think these small acts of kindness really improves your image in front of your fellow workers and it improves your personality. So, these acts of kindness should be implemented in our working field as it will help us progress in our field with a lot of support from our fellow members as well.