Khudi and Self Learning

This was a habit that the mother of abdul sattar edhi instilled in him in childhood , every morning she used to give him two paisas and advise him to spend one paisa on himself and the other one give someone needy fellow. abdul sattar edhi was brought up as giver person in the early age that is why he contributed to the humanity his entire life and he would be remembered forever as a great contributor. i am younger all of my siblings and my father often advises me that if it is possible to help someone and do not expect anything in return from that person and never cheat with people whether seems much benefit at that time. i experienced my father’s advice many time and one cannot believe how much God has given me more than my expectation that is why i have believed that amal or character can change my destiny.

i have been facing many challenges to become a trainer but i do not lose heart and continue my effort that has taken me at a multinational company Descon Engineering where i work as a coordinator in training sessions and meet famous trainers of Pakistan. In future my plan is to work for the youth of pakistan to developing their skills and bring them out from darkness to light. i am happy being a part of Amal fellowship it is a great platform where i can polish my skills more to contribute the society in better way.