Lottie Framework has a class called LOTAnimationView that has a convenient initializer that takes a file name as an argument for initialization, it is a subClass of UIView and like it’s parent class you can add it to any view, it has properties that can be set like for perform a loop in the animation or change the speed of it. Finally, the “play” call triggers the animation, now run the app and tap the button.
Take your animations to the next level with Airbnb framework, Lottie.
James Rochabrun

downloaded your project. I guess this is the entire gamechanger…

just don’t get what changes your `animationView` from being a toaster to a bed. I mean how do you know which one is first, which one is second?
The only thing that I see related animationView are:

let animationView = LOTAnimationView(name: “tutorial”)

and the `setAnimationView` function.

I’m looking for something like a AnimationViewForSrollPosition (similar to cellForRowAtIndex :D)

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