You laugh a little,
You laugh a lot..
In the constant sinking,
Momentarily you’re not.

Look some, observe more..
Up close, and yet so far.
Loosen the knots, one strand at a time,
Reprimand lesser, lower the bar.

Whisper a breath of fresh air,
Let the embers catch a gush of life..
Be a Phoenix, oh why not..
Rise, even if you had to strive..

Serenity…bless your luck when you find some..
An occurrence of which,
Might be a rarity for some..
People witness miracles, overwhelmed, 
To actually discover one, would be miraculous, of it’s own.

Sanity being a subjective concept,
Eludes the acnknowledgement of many..
That I match yours, and you match mine…
Are the coincidental levels we’re talking of, if any..

Originally published on Facebook here, 5th June, 2016.